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Software Developer.  Mentor.
Homo Sapien Extraordinaire.

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Maleega is an email client designed for being productive without spending all the busy work hitting Inbox Zero.

I started this project because I have a passion for productivity and I believe email is still the best form of communication.


I provide various services around software development. Feel free to send me an email if you need help with a project.

Note that my first priority is Maleega so my availability is limited. I’ll probably tell you if I’m not the best fit for your project since I want your time and mine to be used well. If I can’t help you, chances are I know someone who can so reach out anyway.


You may be asking “who is this person and why should I trust him?”

That’s a fantastic question!

My work history is on LinkedIn.

My blog is also a collection of everything I’ve learned over the years.

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